Sport Planes for sale

February 24, 2017

Sport Planes for Sale

905EH Panel at NightHARMONY

Aircraft Specifications

  • Aircraft: Evektor Harmony
  • Year: 2011
  • Price: $117, 000
  • Condition: Dealer Demonstrator
  • Location: 3OH0

Aircraft Description

2011 Evektor Harmony LSA, Dealer Demonstrator – 500 hours

1st Displayed at AirVenture 2011

Save Thousands

The Harmony

Owning a personal aircraft means being in control of your travel, your business, and your life. The Harmony was designed to be a fun, safe, and responsive trainer with enough features to provide comfort for cross country touring while maximizing the full performance envelope allowed by the US LSA rules.

905EH on GroundThis Harmony’s premium glass panels are the dual 7” EFIS Integra system with the TL-6524; a multifunctional flight monitoring system integrating all primary flight instruments (i.e. Artificial Horizon, Altimeter, Vertical Speed Indicator, Air Speed Indicator, Compass, Accelerometer, Chronometers, Turn & Bank Indicators, Angle Of Attack Indicators, IAT, OAT etc.). This amazing system has 3-D visualization of terrain, integrated autopilot, and can be setup to provide direct voice warnings into your headphones. You can even listen to your favorite music by inserting a flash drive into the front panel USB port.

The Harmony is equipped with the ultimate portable aviation GPS from Garmin, the GPSMAP 696. This tablet sized GPS has a high-definition, sunlight-readable display that makes its detailed mapping easy to see day or night.905EH Panel During the Day With functions like the simulated instrument panel, terrain alerts, and AOPA airport directory, it’s easy to see why this GPS has remained unsurpassed.

This harmony is equipped with a Ballistic Recovery System; a whole plane chute that will gently carry you and your loved one to the ground if an emergency were to occur. The Harmony is more aerodynamic and has a more spacious cockpit than Evektor’s previous models. The Harmony has low back seats which provide full comfortable support, great access to the generous luggage area behind the seats, assure excellent aft visibility, and make for the easiest entry into our planes. The Harmony has a fully upgraded premium interior, including cup holders, chart/snack trays, a central arm rest, extended side panels, upgraded carpeting, and a painted canopy top for sun protection. The latest brake upgrades were installed at the factory, meaning brake maintenance has been minimized while braking power has been increased. The Matco braking system is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and has unparalleled stopping power.

905EH in flight - Pilot SteveToday, this Harmony would cost over 0, 000.00 new. This low time, gently used, professionally maintained in show ready condition, modern aircraft can be yours in time for spring for just 7, 000.00.

Prop(s) Warpdrive Prop
Avionics / Radios Full Premium Glass PanelDay/Night VFRIntegrated Auto PilotBecker Com with Back Channel Monitoring

Becker Mode S Transponder

Garmin 696

PM 3000 Audio Panel

Interior Premium Interior
Additional Information Whole Plane ChuteMATCO Brakes
Registration Number N905EH
Total Time 524 Hours*

*Hours are approximate and subject to change

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