Light Sport Pilot license

April 6, 2018

Light Sport Flying


Affordable and fun. Sport Pilot flying is for you!

The Sport Pilot certificate is the newest way to fly; opening a new chapter for general aviation โ€“ no medical exam is required and training is offered in exciting new airplanes at a lower cost, and in less time than it takes to obtain a Private Pilot certificate. Additionally, licensed pilots who let their medical certificates lapse can get back in the air by exercising the sport pilot privilege.

The Light Sport Advantage

  • Get your Sport Pilot License for half the time and cost of a traditional license.
  • No FAA Medical Exam required โ€“ If you can drive a car, you can learn to fly an airplane
  • A Pre-Paid package that offers even greater savings over pay-as-you-go
  • Get a new perspective on the world around you from the cockpit of a modern Sport airplane
  • The St. Charles Flying Service Advantage

  • St. Charles Flying Service is the only certified Sport Pilot training facility in the area.
  • We were the first flight school in the nation to offer Sport certification as a package
  • Our commitment to Sport aviation remains strong since our program began in 2005
  • Approved in 2005, the Light Sport Certificate is aimed at those pilots that want to fly only for recreation. The Sport certificate is more affordable and less time consuming than other ratings and reduces the hassles that have hampered many people who want to learn to fly.

    We feature the Evektor SportStar

    Take your first flight for only 9

    We are located in scenic St. Charles county at:
    St. Charles County Smartt Field
    6016 Portage Rd. Portage Des Sioux. MO

    No FAA Medical Required*

  • Must be at least 17 years old
  • Must receive ground training as required in CFR Part 61.309
  • Allowed to carry one passenger
  • Operate only in Class G & E airspace
  • No flights above 10, 000 ft. MLS
  • Must have a U.S. Drivers License and comply with its restrictions
  • Pass an FAA Knowledge Test
  • No business use of the aircraft
  • No flights after dark
  • 3 miles visibility
  • No flight above clouds, as visual reference to the surface must be maintained
  • With endorsements you can:
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