Light Aircraft Manufacturers Review

July 5, 2016

Light Aircraft Manufacturers

The popularity of light aviation significantly increases day by day. There is an interesting opinion that in the next fifteen years nearly 50% of people in the world will use this way of transportation.

Light aircrafts could be used for:

  • pilots and air sportsmen training;
  • passengers and cargo delivery in a difficult terrain conditions;
  • agricultural purposes (irrigation, pollination, etc.);
  • oil/natural gas pipelines and wild forest inspections.

Austria, Italy and the United States are main world’s suppliers of the light aviation.

North-American Light Aviation Manufacturers

Textron Aviation Holding is the leading light aviation producer in the United States. It holds Cessna and Beechcraft brands. Cessna offers the following light aircraft lineup:

  • Cessna 172;
  • Cessna 182;
  • Cessna 206;
  • Cessna 208;
  • Cessna 400;
  • Cessna 510;
  • Cessna 525;
  • Cessna 560XL;
  • Cessna 680;
  • Cessna 750.

Beechcraft brand, in its turn, also has solid model range of light aircrafts:

  • Baron;
  • Beechjet;
  • Beechliner;
  • Bonanza;
  • Debonair;
  • Duke;
  • Duchess;
  • Queen Air;
  • King Air;
  • Musketeer;
  • Sundowner;
  • Premier 1A;
  • Sierra;
  • Travel Air;
  • Twin Bonanza;
  • Skipper;
  • Airliner.

Cessna 400 and Beechcraft Bonanza G36 can be counted as the most popular models today. Their major advantages are high speed and reliability. These aircrafts are able to reach the speed up to 318 km/h. Their flight range is approximately two thousand kilometers. The maximum passenger capacity is four.

Production of Cirrus Aviation Company, SR222 aircraft in particular, is also highly rated and demanded in the light aviation segment. Main features of this aircraft worth to admit are:

  • original design and exterior;
  • composite materials used in manufacturing;
  • spacious pilot’s cabin;
  • innovative electronic control system;
  • high level of safety.

Today Cirrus Aviation technical specialists are developing the completely new aircraft SF50 The Jet that will, as experts suppose, establish the absolutely original class of jet aircrafts.

Italian Light Aviation Production

Founded 30 years ago, Italian producing company Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam S.r.l. is the world’s largest light aircraft manufacturer. Its lineup includes more than ten models:

  • Tecnam MMA (Multi Mission Aircraft);
  • Tecnam MRI (Maritime Reconnaissance Intelligence);
  • Tecnam P-Jet;
  • Tecnam P 92;
  • Tecnam P 96 Golf;
  • Tecnam P 2002 Sierra;
  • Tecnam P 2004 Bravo;
  • Tecnam P 2006T;
  • Tecnam P 2008;
  • Tecnam P 2010;
  • Tecnam Astore;
  • Tecnam P 2012 Traveller;

Earlier this year company introduced new high-winged, twin piston engine and multi-purpose aircraft Tecnam P2012 Traveller. It can carry up to 11 passengers and 1000 kg of cargo, if necessary. Machine’s flight range reaches 1100 km. P2012’s maximum speed is 350 km/h. Perfect technical and operating characteristics and minimal price make Tecnam P2012 Traveller very competitive on the global light aviation market.

Austrian Light Aircrafts

Austrian producing company Diamond Aircraft Industries is also among top players in the light aviation industry. Their model assortments consist of following models:

  • H 36;
  • DV 20;
  • DA 20-A1 Katana;
  • DA 20-C1 Evolution & Eclipse;
  • DA 40 Diamond Star;
  • DA 42 Twin Star;
  • DA 50 Super Star;
  • D Jet.

The number one in this list is stylish and beautiful twin-engine model with propelled drive DА42 Twin Star. The flight range of this aircraft exceeds 1300 km and the maximum speed is 245 km/h. It can carry up to three passengers. This machine is very often used as air taxi. Military structures of such countries as Ukraine, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Armenia and others also operate this light aircraft. Its modified variant DA42 MPP can be successfully used for air intelligence, air photography and video shooting.

Now Diamond Aircraft Industries designers are working on DА42 modification equipped with the gasoline engine as a power plant.

Brazilian Light Aircrafts on the Global Market

Brazilian aviation producer Embraer is a strong competitor to European and North-American light aviation manufacturers. This famous industrial conglomerate offers different aircrafts for agricultural purposes, business jets and machines for regional airlines operators. The list of most notable products includes:

  • EMB 110 Bandeirante;
  • EMB 120 Brasilia;
  • EMB 121 Xingu;
  • CBA 123 Vector (in the partnership with FMA);
  • ERJ 135, 140, 145;
  • E-Jet 170, 175, 190, 195;
  • Lineage1000;
  • Legacy 450, 500, 600, 650;
  • Phenom 100, 300;
  • EMB 202 Ipanema.

All of Embraer’s models successfully operate with low operating and maintaining costs, mainly because major part of aircraft details and units are unified and common for many models. Brazilian aerospace giant have entered the light aviation segment only in 2000. Nevertheless, it holds strong positions on the market among the global industry leaders nowadays.

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