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December 1, 2022

The Sport Pilot license allows

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raining for aerobatics or your tail wheel endorsement can be one of the most rewarding things you can ever do for yourself as a pilot. If you have noticed, all the fun aircraft to fly have tail wheels. A large majority of the current kit built aircraft, along with the new Sport Pilot aircraft that are in the market place, have tail wheels. One of the most popular kit built aircraft series is Vans RV aircraft. Most builders opt for the tail wheel, because those pilots are in the know when it comes to how fun and enlightening conventional gear aircraft can be. The dream of owning that EDGE 540, like that pilots are flying in the Red Bull Air Races, the Sukhoi SU-26, SU-29, Yak 55, Extra 200 or Extra 300, Pitts S2A, S2B or S2C, Pitts Model 12, Giles 202, Christian Eagle II, Laser, or any other outstanding "SUPER" performance aircraft, will never materialize if you don't take the steps necessary to acquire that aerobatic and tail wheel training. You will also find that tail wheel aircraft are more specialized and require higher levels of precision while landing. Now what Pilot doesn't want to be known by fellow pilots as the best at what they do? Four Winds Aviation has the experience to train you to be the best tail wheel pilot you can be.

Most schools don't teach tail wheel because the number of qualified tail wheel instructors has declined (even through the number of sport aviation tail wheels booms!). Additionally, tail wheel aircraft have garnered an undeserved reputation over the years as difficult to fly, so many schools shy away from them. At Four Winds Aviation, aerobatics and tail wheels are our specialty!

So whether you are out to learn gentleman's aerobatics, want to compete in IAC sanctioned competitions or you just want to get that tail wheel endorsement you have been thinking about for so long, we are here to help you reach your aviation goals. We have helped hundreds of pilots meet their personal challenges head on, and also help pilots meet those insurance requirements for that new toy.

ICAS Aerobatic Competency Evaluator - (ACE) : ON STAFF!

If you are in need of obtaining or renewing your FAA Low Level Waiver, our on staff Evaluator and long time air show performer can make it happen. Please call for an appointment and details. This evaluation "MUST" be scheduled in advanced for proper planning.

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Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)

Emergency Maneuvers Training (EMT)

Four Winds Aviation's Upset Prevention and Recovery & Emergency Maneuvers Training courses are designed to make SAFER pilots. Pilots begin their training in the classroom with academics where they learn how critical failures, weather or other outside forces can cause upsets and Loss of Control events. UPRT goes beyond the teachings of aerobatics though.

A fundamental distinction between aerobatics and UPRT is that while most aerobatic instruction only teaches mastery of the specific aircraft type used in training, in UPRT the airframe used for training is a stand-in or proxy platform for the introduction of concepts representative of the recovery techniques required for a wide variety of aircraft. Much like basic instrument skills, which can be applied to flying a vast array of aircraft, the majority of flight skills and techniques required for Upset Recovery are not aircraft specific.

During classroom academics students learn that phenomena such as lateral control instability at high angles of attack, lift vector orientation and accelerated stalls apply to all fixed wing aircraft regardless of size or performance. Just as basic instrument skills in lighter lower performing aircraft are applied to more advanced and sophisticated aircraft, introducing basic Upset Prevention and Recovery Training early on in a pilots training provides lessons that will remain with pilots throughout their entire career.

Our coursework uses the Extra 300L extensively for the flight envelope portion of UPRT. Candidates will, upon completion of the course, have a better understanding of aircraft forces and corrective control inputs to successfully navigate the upset condition. The feel the pilot receives while being enveloped in the upset condition while in an actual aircraft far exceeds that of any sensation one receives while in a full motion simulator.

Christian Eagle IIUPRT is crucial to all pilots of Corporate & Airline Flight Departments and those candidates seeking to obtain the ATP rating. Flight departments can use our UPRT / EMT programs as part of their annual training curriculum. We offer cost effective solutions that provide your pilots, and the clients they fly with that added safety factor and piece of mind.

Our basic aerobatic training is designed for pilots who want to learn and achieve proficiency in aileron rolls, barrel rolls, loops, Cuban eights, hammerheads, upright spins and split S maneuvers. The course and number of flights will be tailored to your personal experience level.

Learning aerobatics simply makes you a better pilot. Our flight instructors will sit down and map out an "action plan" based on your specific requirements. We do this to provide you the "best value for your flight training dollars.

Light Sport Pilot & Private Pilot Training in a 2007 Legend Cub!

Four Winds Aviation offers pilot training specific to the Light Sport Certificate. This newly offered FAA rating is unique in that once a pilot is certified, does not require that Pilot In Command to hold an FAA Medical Certificate. The wonderful thing about this is it throws open the doors to aviation that have been closed to individuals who have felt they could not pass a 3rd Class Medical Exam. Fear no more! Four Winds Aviation can help you achieve your dream of becoming a pilot.

There are some special caveat's to the "No Medical" requirements, and we will be glad to discuss these with you. The Light Sport Category is not just for new pilot's either. If you're already an active pilot, you too can fly the Light Sport aircraft. And, in the future, should you choose to let your your medical expire, your still GOLDEN!

So come out and FLY this wonderful aircraft! Stop dreaming about flying a Cub and come do it!

Call us today for more information on the aircraft and training requirements. This is definitely the least expensive way to become a PILOT!!

Four Winds Aviation offers Private pilot and Instrument pilot training using our Piper Warrior . This aircraft comes equipped with the latest technology in GPS, a GARMIN 530, that is fully coupled to the auto pilot. Yes, we did say auto pilot! Advance your instrument proficiency today using this wonderful aircraft. Take your "Pilot In Command" skills to the next level by obtaining your Instrument rating with us and enjoy the use of our aircraft as you take family and friends on weekend trips. Having the confidence and skill to navigate solely by reference to instruments not only makes you a better pilot, you can lose that fear of being caught on top and unable to find a break in the clouds to get down. Lose those "fly only on fair weather days" forever! If you're serious about flying, and serious about keeping yourself, family and friends safe, then you need to make the advance and earn your Instrument Ticket! We are standing by ready to help you get there, give us a call!

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