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January 10, 2023

Czech Aircraft Works

faetaATEC company, located in Libice nad Cidlinou (Nymburk region, Czech republic), was established in 1992. On the beginning, we started with custom production of light aircraft components. But until now, we have already delivered hundreds of aircraft, which, as we hope, enjoy their crew all over the world.

In 1996, we produced our first, legendary aircraft named ZEPHYR, which was technological innovation within UL category. A year later, the Zephyr reached its first award at Aerosalon in Jihlava in the Czech republic.Faeta Even if actual design and construction are completely different comparing the prototype, it still keeps its popularity. In the year 2000, the aircraft was certified as ZEPHYR 2000 and later renamed to ATEC 122 ZEPHYR.

In 2003, we realized flight-tests of our second aircraft type named ATEC 321 FAETA. It is the aircraft with a similar look as Zephyr, but it has different construction and technology applied. Faeta is the type of aircraft which is able to comply not only with the ultralight category limits (UL) but also with the light sport (S-LSA) aircraft category. In 2005, after numerous difficult tests, this new type of aircraft was successfully certified for both categories.

Our special model named ATEC 212 SOLO is a very manoevrable and small single-seater plane, the real rarity in its UL category. Solo is specially designed for very skilled and experienced sport pilots.DISCOUNT This high-performance aircraft brings the adrenaline satisfaction to real aviation gourmands.

„My hobby and experience in airplane model flying and amateur UL aircraft constructions has inspired me to make an effort to help other aviation fans to make their dreams come true and conquest the sky.
I am pleased to help others to discover new space, make destinations closer, escape from daily worries and enjoy the real freedom of watching the world with a bird´s-eye view."

„I wish a lot of beautiful flight experiences to all the pilots and crew of Atec aircraft and I believe you will always enjoy the beauty of flying and will always stay ahead with our airplanes."

Petr Volejník - company owner, general and production manager, designer, test pilot

Used ATEC 212 SOLO for sale

TO WHOM IN LOVE WITH FAETA Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016 New ATEC 322 Faeta LSA for USA Used Faeta demonstrator for sale!
PF 2016
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