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October 5, 2016

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The Next Step in Light Sport Aircraft

The Flight Design CTLS is the new version of the CT designed specifically for American pilots and the Light Sport Aircraft rules of the U.S.A. The CTLS is the next step forward with its advanced aerodynamic design, carbon fiber airframe, BRS parachute system, standard Dynon Glass panel and Garmin 496 GPS with XM weather. New design features make the CTLS a joy to fly and perfect for pilots of all skill levels. The longer fuselage design of the CTLS minimizes drag and maximizes interior room for you, your passenger and baggage. The new composite landing gear is designed to reduce rebound and smooth out the roughest of landings.

In production since 1997 with over 1500 flying worldwide, the CT is very popular for flight training and long distance travel. The CTLS is certified in the USA as Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) to allow for flight training, lease back and rental uses. The new CTLS features many revolutionary aerodynamic improvements and most popular options now included as standard equipment.

Comfort The large cabin of the CTLS has a width of 49″. The 2-way adjustable seats and extra-wide cabin doors makes for easy entrance and a comfortable experience for you and your passenger. The ergonomic arrangement of the controls and instruments, plus the CTLS terrific visibility, makes long flights and learning to fly more relaxing and fun.

Performance The CTLS has a cruising speed of 115 kts (132 mph) at 75% power and a maximum range of nearly 1000 miles! The strut-less carbon fiber wing has high-lift slotted flaps for amazing short field capabilities. Due to the strength to weight ratio of carbon fiber, the CTLS fully equipped has a useful load of over 550 lbs.

Safety The CTLS has been certified to 2 international Airworthiness standards and was developed by Flight Design’s professional engineering staff with safety utmost in their minds. The structure of the CTLS is over 90% carbon fiber and aramid which provides superior pilot and passenger protection. Four-point safety harnesses, wing located fuel tanks and the standard BRS 1350 parachute system are just a few of the well thought out safety features of this state-of-the-art aircraft.

Standard Features *BRS 1350 HS parachute system *Dynon D-100 EFIS -120 EMS Glass panel *Garmin 496 GPS w/XM weather *Garmin SL-40 Com *Garmin GTX327 Transponder *PS- engineering stereo intercom with IPod input *ASTM compliant Night flight lighting system *Rotax 912 four-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled engines *Neuform 3 blade composite propeller *Conventional three-axis controls *Three axis trim system *Cabin door gas struts *Two large capacity baggage compartments *Two cockpit storage compartments *Electric pre-selector flap system * ELT *One piece Mecaplex molded windshield *Steerable nose wheel *Hydraulic brakes *Durable, two-part Urethane paint.

Optional Equipment & Avionics * Tru-Trak CT Pilot Autopilots *Tundra tire package *Garmin SL-30 Nav-Com w/Dynon HS-34 module * Garmin GTX 330 Transponder w/Mode S

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