Sport Pilot requirements

February 12, 2017

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Table Rock Aviation offers flight training for an entry-level pilot license for those who wish to fly purely for recreation. As a Sport Pilot you have many of the same privileges as a private pilot. You can fly cross country and carry passengers, etc. but your flights are restricted to flying light-sport aircraft in weather conditions with good visibility, only during daylight hours. No formal medical examination is required to obtain your Sport Pilot License but you must not have any condition that would prevent you from operating a light-sport aircraft safely.

Requirements to achieve Sport Pilot License through Table Rock Aviation of Hickory NC

  • Be at least 16 years of age to fly solo as a student pilot, 17 to become a sport pilot
  • Possess a valid US Driver's License
  • Pass a written and practical examination
  • Log a minimum of 15 hours of flight training from a flight instructor
  • Log a minimum of 5 hours of solo flight experience

Most persons will receive a Sport Pilot License in 25 to 35 hours of flight time.

Table Rock Aviation of Hickory NC suggests a budget of $3500-$4500 to obtain a Sport Pilot License. The actual cost will depend on how well the student pilot is prepared for the flying lesson and frequency of flight training.

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