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October 22, 2019

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Gleim Wings Credit: Earn Credits in the FAA's Pilot Proficiency Program

Course Content

This course has the same study unit order as the Gleim Sport Pilot Knowledge Test Book.

For Sport Pilot:

Airports Airspace Federal Aviation Regulations - FAR Parts 1- 71 Federal Aviation Regulations - FAR Parts 91.3 - 91.131 Federal Aviation Regulations - FAR Parts 91.155 - 91.417 & NTSB Part 830 Aeromedical Factors and Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) Aviation Weather Weather Services Sectional Charts and Airspace Navigation and Preflight Preparation Airplanes and Aerodynamics Airplane Instruments Airplane Engines & Systems Airplane Performance Weight and Balance

Course Requirements

To Access the Website: We test the Gleim Online Courses in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Google Chrome 21 and higher, Mozilla Firefox 15 and higher, and Apple Safari 5.1 and higher. We cannot guarantee that the courses or the website will display correctly in any other web browser.
To Access the Outlines:
To Access the Presentations:

Gleim Guarantee

Gleim offers you the best training materials available. When you complete this course satisfactorily, we guarantee that you will pass your FAA knowledge test. We are so confident that you will pass, that we will refund your purchase price (less shipping and handling charges) if you do not pass on your first attempt.

This policy applies only to products that are purchased directly from Gleim Publications, Inc.


Access to the Online Ground School Course will expire 12 months from the date of purchase. If you have not completed the course and you need access after the expiration date, you may purchase a 12 month extension at half the current purchase price. You will have 30 days to purchase an extension.


We regularly communicate with the FAA and continuously monitor its website for changes to the FAA's knowledge tests. While the FAA no longer releases the complete database of knowledge test questions, sample questions are released on a quarterly basis and incorporated into our material as appropriate.

Whenever changes are made, they will be automatically incorporated into the course with no input or additional work needed on your end. Thus, you can be confident that this course contains everything you will need to pass your knowledge test with ease.

What to Expect in a Study Unit

Each study unit in this course is divided into four sections referred to as Instructional Elements.
Audiovisual Presentation (optional) Knowledge Transfer Outline Multiple-Choice Study Quiz Multiple-Choice Test

To assist you in your studies, there are two additional Instructional Elements in each course:
Stage Test End-of-Course Test

After each quiz/test, you will be provided with an opportunity to review the questions that you answered incorrectly in the form of a Review Quiz. You must answer each question in the Review Session correctly before you can move on to the next question. Your scores on the study quiz and final test will be averaged together to determine your final score for each study unit.

How to complete a study unit

To complete a study unit you must:

Study the knowledge transfer outline for the study unit. The outlines are broken down into sections called "subunits" to make studying easier. We recommend you print the entire outline to study from and keep as reference. Use this printout for quick reference. When you have finished studying the outlines, you will be ready to take the multiple-choice quizzes. Answer all of the thought-provoking multiple-choice study questions. You must answer all questions in order to continue. After selecting your answer choice, you will receive immediate feedback explaining why your answer was either correct or incorrect. Your grade on the study quiz is based on the first answer you select for each question. Review the questions you missed. After completing the study quiz, you will be prompted to review the questions you missed on the quiz. Analyze and understand why you missed the questions you did. If you did not successfully pass the quiz, you will need to retake the study quiz. Pass the multiple-choice test. You will be given a test based on the material you covered in the study quiz and outline sections of the study unit. You may move back and forth between questions and change your answers until you are ready to grade the test. When you have answered each of the multiple-choice questions to your satisfaction, click the Grade button. Review the questions you missed. After completing the test, you will be given a review of the questions you missed. Analyze and understand why you missed the questions you did. If you did not pass, you will need to retake the test.

Note: It may take a few minutes for your grade to be delivered. Do not click the Grade button more than once. Also, do not hit the back button on your browser to try to return to the quiz after it has been graded. Please email us through our Online Support Email Form if you have problems.

Completing the Stage Tests

After every 4-6 study units, a Stage Test will be given. The Stage Test will be made up of questions from each of the preceding study units. You will be required to pass the Stage Test before being able to move on to the next study unit.

Completing the End-of-Course Test

After you have completed all study units and Stage Tests for your Online Ground School, you will be administered a cumulative End-of-Course test. You will be required to pass this test. You will have two chances to pass the End-of-Course test. If you fail more than twice, you will be locked out of the course, and you will be required to send an email to Gleim Publications explaining the situation. It will then be at the discretion of Gleim whether you may continue the course or not.

How to complete the course

Complete all study units of the Gleim Online Ground School in your chosen certificate. Complete all Stage Tests. Complete the End-of-Course test. Print out the FAA Knowledge Test sign-off form.

How to Get Wings Credit for This Course

Gleim uploads Wings course completion credit every week for current course users. If you have completed this course but have not received Wings credit, follow the instructions below to ensure you are credited for your work.

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