Sport Pilot certificate requirements

October 15, 2016

Once you have your Pilot


What's A Sport Pilot License (Certificate)?

Sport pilots fly for recreation, travel, and adventure in good weather during daylight hours and are restricted to flying Light Sport Aircraft, commonly referred to as an LSA.

TakeWING Offers UAS/UAVPIC training

Currently the FAA requires a minimum sport pilot certificate to be the PIC (pilot in command) of a UAS/UAV. Companies and individuals seeking to operate under the 333 Exemption can come to TakeWING for sport pilot certification and training.

Unmanned Aircraft Operator's Certificate

Training to become a sport pilot usually takes less time than for private pilot certificate.

Light Sport Aircraft are two-seat aircraft and therefore they are weight and size restricted—Not everyone can "fit" into one. If you weigh more than 220 lbs you will likely not be able to fly an LSA.

Who Flies Light Sport Aircraft?

Any pilot (even those training for a private pilot license) may fly and train in light sport aircraft. They are economical for pilot training, aircraft rental, and the perfect 2-seat traveler for pilots looking to build flight time.

UAS/UAV pilots are required to hold a pilot certificate. The Sport pilot certificate is the easiest way of complying with this FAA requirement.

Our flight school operates the C162 "Skycatcher"

How Long Does It Take To Become A Sport Pilot?

The FAA requires a minimum of just 20 flight hours for a sport pilot certificate but most people want or need slightly more training time — an average of 30 to 40 flight hours is preferred.

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