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August 4, 2018

Jabiru North America, LLC

AirCore Aviation Services
Engine Repair

Welcome to AirCore Aviation Services. We offer the most complete Light Sport Aircraft and ROTAX Maintenance facilities in the Northwest. Our service is unsurpassed for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

* Authorized Independent Rotax Service Center
* Complete Airframe Maintenance, Rebuild and Repair
* 100 hour, Annual and Pre-Buy Inspections
* SLSA, ELSA, Experimental, PPC, Trikes, Ultralights

Engine Services

AirCore Aviation of Washington State is a Authorized Independent Rotax Engine Service Center, and can perform all phases including heavy maintenance on your 912 / 914 or Jabiru 2200 / 3300 engines. We are Rotax Certified and ATSM FAA compliant to legally perform all Services on your SLSA Certified Aircraft. We are also fully equipped to overhaul all 2-cycle models of Rotax and light aircraft engines.

* Complete engine overhauls
* Diagnosis, Maintenance and Repair, Oil changes, Carb balance
* Propeller inspection, repair, replacement and tuning ( Pitch )
* Engine related upgrades, Fuel systems, components and monitoring.

For More Information on who can legally work on your SLSA ATSM FAA Certified Rotax Powered Aircraft. Click Here.

Airframe Services

With over 30 years of aircraft construction knowledge and experience, with fully accredited A&P, EAA workshop and Light Sport Repairman Certification instructors on staff. We can complete your repairs or rebuilds from start to finish. ATSM experienced.

* Insurance Repairs
* Complete Fuselage, Wing Rebuild and Repair
* Sheet Metal Repair, Tube and Fabric, Sails, Control and Cable Rigging
* Aircraft Restoration

Owner and Builder Assist Services

AirCore Aviation can assist you in the Construction, Inspection and Certification process of your new or pre-owned Aircraft. Continuing on through the first flights and for the life of your aircraft.

* Kit or Component building within 51% rule. N/A for E-LSA certifications
* Construction, Inspection, Weight and Balance
* Pre-Purchase Inspections and transport assist
* Flight Testing

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Lycoming i0 233 light sport aircraft engine update from
Lycoming i0 233 light sport aircraft engine update from ...
Engine-out in a Flightstar Ultralight (LSA)
Engine-out in a Flightstar Ultralight (LSA)


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