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July 15, 2017

Premier vol icon A5 parkzone

As residential aviation properties are growing in popularity, so is the demand for high-quality and innovative aircrafts. Ridge Landing Airpark, known for some of the most premier residential aircraft properties, has one of their residents on a waiting list for the ICON Aircraft which is still under construction. The ICON Aircraft is the first of its class, bringing the sport back into flying with its sophisticated and lean design, mirroring the flying passions of its founders.

In 2004, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) drastically changed their flight regulations – which in turn allowed flight enthusiasts to indulge with Light Sport Aircrafts. The ICON will not only reinvent flying, but also give itself a powerful brand name such as BMW, Ducati, Ray Ban etc.

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icon amphibian aircraft

One Ridge Landing resident has invested their interest in the ICON Aircraft and will end up being one of the first to own one of these innovative and newly designed planes. We don’t blame him though, how could any resident of our Ridge Landing Airpark – located just five minutes from Crooked Lake – not want to make aviation history.

The ICON Aircraft features:

  • Single Engine
  • Two Person Seating Capacity
  • Non-Pressurized Cabin
  • Fixed/Retractable Gear/Hull for Seaplanes

With a maximum speed of 138 miles per hour, the ICON will make its mark within our Ridge Landing Airpark properties as all our residents are major aviation enthusiasts – with a majority of them piloting their own planes. The ICON has already received its fair share of awards and media coverage from well known markets that generate a lot of appeal. With Ridge Landing Airpark located in Frostproof, Florida right near Lake Wales, this is the perfect spot for amphibian aircrafts.

Photos courtesy of Icon Aircraft.

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Source: ridgelandingairpark.com
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