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Aviation license - Sport Planes

Aviation license

July 29, 2017

From our Military Collection

- Robonaut 2: Medical Opportunities, a collection of technologies based on robotics research aboard the International Space Station by NASA, General Motors and Oceaneering. A highly dexterous humanoid designed to work side by side with astronauts, R2's spinoffs are suited to assist in medical settings in autonomous or teleoperation modes. Applications include working in combat or highly infectious medical settings for a range of activities, including surgeries.

- SMART Solar Sail, a spacecraft deployable, fully autonomous solar sail incorporating nanotube struts and developed for highly accurate station keeping through small sail-surface deformations.

The patent access initiative is managed by NASA's Technology Transfer Program, which resides within the agency's Office of the Chief Technologist.

There are restrictions. The patented technologies are available only to companies formed with the express content of commercializing the licensed technologies. NASA waives the initial licensing fees for the first three years. NASA expects to collect a standard royalty fee once product sales begin, with the fees going to the inventor and the agency's on going tech transfer efforts. Commercial participants must comply with U. S. federal licensing statutes and NASA policies, including reporting on business plan development.

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Private Pilot License, FIT Aviation, Melbourne FL USA


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