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January 8, 2018

Personal Aviation | Basin

Browse EuropeBlink has instigated a price revolution in the business jet marketplace. Blink prices are, on average, 50% cheaper than existing private jet charter fees and, when carrying four passengers, cost competitive with commercial business class fares.

Transparent, unbundled prices

For too long, business aviation booking and pricing has been complicated and difficult to understand. Prices often include hidden surcharges and last minute additions that can lead to some nasty surprises when invoices arrive – and because the constituent parts of the fare are not auditable it can cause problems when its time to claim your expenses or do end of year accounts.

Blink is different. We offer simple, transparent prices with no hidden fees or charges. We also show you the total price of your flight before you fly. We will show you the flight cost and also include any ancillary costs such as landing fees, de-icing charges and overnight expenses for the crew – but only when and where they are appropriate. We make sure you know exactly how much your journey will cost – and why – before you step on the aircraft.

Informed Choices

One of unbundled pricing’s greatest benefits is that you know exactly what you are paying for. We are firm believers in empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their travel, based upon an understanding of the cost implications.

Landing fees provide an excellent example. There is a wide disparity of landing fees across Europe, even between airports that are in close proximity to each other – Nice is £550 while Cannes is £350. Because Blink provides you with each airport’s landing fees, you can decide which airport you would prefer to use. If your appointment is in Monaco and convenience is critical, pay the higher price. If you want to save money and fly to Cannes. You decide.

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