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June 8, 2022

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aircraft for saleCheck out their line of headsets, camera cables, and LED lighting today!

I’m a addict…

If you aren’t familiar with the website then hopefully you can run now and be spared from the addiction. is an aviation classified site that is chocked full of used airplanes and parts for sale.

I was first introduced to back in 2004 when I was researching the potential acquisition of an airplane. In the end I built my RV-8, but I learned a lot from the site during the ‘discover phase.’

jet for saleThe website is the brainchild of Lorraine Kivi, who started it as a hobby in the early 1990s. Lorraine is an avid flyer herself and has grown into her full-time vocation. Due to health issues that have slowed her down, she had taken on a partner, David Rose, who is committed to keeping the tradition alive.

The beauty is its simplicity; it’s easy to navigate, easy to search, and has a massive number of ‘previously loved’ airplanes for your viewing pleasure.

Long after my initial introduction ‘we’ still have almost daily reunions; like an accident on the freeway, I can’t avert my gaze!

It’s really a tool for buyers, sellers, and researchers. There is a lot you can learn browsing its pages, at least that’s what I tell my wife.

If you are a ‘frequent flyer’ like me you can even ascertain how the market is doing in a given genre just by watching – it’s fantastic!

If only I could quit! I wonder if there is support group out there for folks like me?

Tell us your story, I know you have one! Leave your comments below.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with or its affiliates.

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