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April 24, 2017

Trendy Electric Glider 2250mm


More Buyers. More Aircraft.

They say it’s best to fish where the fish are. Whether you are a buyer looking for a quality pre-owned Cirrus or a seller looking for a motivated aircraft buyer, Cirrus Pre-Owned is the first and only place to go to get the best results. As the #1 reseller of Cirrus Aircraft in the world, it is the largest, most active marketplace for Cirrus Aircraft.

When you partner with Cirrus Pre-Owned to sell your aircraft, you are putting the full resources of our nationwide sales, training and service centers to work for you. Nothing in aviation is about taking unnecessary chances. Why should selling your aircraft be any different?

#1 For Buyers. #1 For Sellers.

Our Cirrus Pre-Owned network connects buyers and sellers all over the world. With our network, you can sell your old plane, no matter what kind it is, and upgrade to a new, pre-owned or Certified Cirrus aircraft. Our network is made up of Cirrus Regional Sales Directors, and our Cirrus Pre-Owned Sales Partners.

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