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April 7, 2020

Luis Sotero Jr. prepares for

Aviation LawMost countries are member of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and as such have signed the "Chicago Convention 1944" (111 pages, 2 MB). Aviation rules and regulations in member countries are based on the recommendations of the ICAO.

This section of the site intends to follow the latest developments concerning our part of the aviation community.

Aviation Law & Rules

Some of the most important latest issues concerning experimental aircraft and their pilots are summed up. Not a complete digest of all rules, only those which are the most important regarding flight safety.

Aviation Organizations

A list of links to organizations in worldwide aviation, ICAO, AOPA, FAA and other country specific CAA's can be found here. Each link will open a frame to the site.

Language Proficiency Test

Important to all pilots with or wishing to obtain a PPL or higher license. You will need to do an aviation related English test, it comprises of a listening and conversation with examiners. No biggie, but it needs to be done.

ICAO Airspace Classification

ICAO has layed out a number of airspace classes (A - G) and every country should consider adopting these recommendations. This worldwide standard enhances flight safety.

US Federal Aviation Administration

As the largest market for experimental aircraft we need to have a page with a RSS feed with the latest aviation news from the US FAA.

Source: www.experimentalaircraft.info
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