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March 18, 2017

Bede BD-5

Known for its outstanding handling qualities, the FLS Microjet shares a common heritage with the original BD-5J’s first developed in the 1970’s. Our 20 years of experience and improvements have produced a plane that is essentially a 4th generation version of those original 1970’s BD-5J airshow jets.

The FLS Microjet is not for every pilot. It was developed for the serious pilot who wants a unique and proven high performance design, professional grade systems and features, aircraft industry quality construction, all without a long and drawn out build time. This complete kit is designed for assembly in a timely and efficient manner. It features predrilled primary components (fuselage, wings, landing gear, rudder, etc.), and comes with all the welded, machined and difficult to make parts supplied.

This aircraft is one of the very few kitplanes that is constructed using aircraft grade 2024T3 Alclad aluminum that is specially formed into the compound curved fuselage panels. Most kits are constructed from flat sheets of aluminum, and as such bends or contours will go in a single direction. The compound-curved panels give it a “composite” look that enhances its modern fighter plane appeal. The predrilled panels and bulkheads of the FLS kit make it as easy to rivet together as a traditional non-compound-curved airplane.

Source: www.bd-micro.com
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