Light Jets for Sale

June 26, 2020

Light Jets For Sale

How do you get around long lines, cumbersome phone calls, and the annoying guy seated next to you by the window who snores like a truck, goes to the lavatory every 10 minutes, and laughs like a madman watching reruns of 'Friends' while you're trying to read? Upgrade to business or first class, sure! There's a chance that the psycho business traveler from hell can't afford your classy diggs, but you'll still have to deal with all the rest of the hassles.

Own Your Jet

The best way around it is to buy your own private jet. Jet ownership is the most luxurious level of business travel experience and, of course, the most costly. Besides the cost of the aircraft itself there are a number of recurring costs that come with the territory. Luxury tax, hangar fees, fuel, maintenance, airport landing fees, licenses, insurance, and crew (unless you can fly this baby yourself), just to name a few.

Prices of of jets have recently come down due to the smaller and cheaper models like the VLJs. Some, like the Eclipse 500 and the Citation Mustang are already in the market today. Others Like the Eclipse 400, that are due to appear within the next few years, are even cheaper. Yet the 2.7 mil for a Citation Mustang or even 1.35 mil for an Eclipse 400 is still way out of reach for many of us.

One can always look in the second hand market. Places like sell pre-owned aircraft. The site will even find you a partner or partners to buy a jet, if that's what it'll take for you to afford one. They also offer leasing your jets to others to help your investment pay for itself. They can also sell your aircraft for you if you decide the investment is not for you, or if you want to upgrade to something else.

They also offer something similar to resort timesharing, wherein one buys into a unit with several other people and share that unit. This is
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