Hornet STOL for sale

June 29, 2017

Hornet Cub

Australian Aircraft Kits is producing and developing aircraft for the utility operation in the short take off landing (STOL) market. These aircraft are designed for the harsh operating conditions of Australia, Africa, the Americas etc. Australian Aircraft Kits supplies and manufactures custom-made airframe parts for UAV, flying wing developments and other applications. Its operation includes a strong after sales service and a RAA AUS maintenance facility.

Product / Capabilities

Since 2004, it has produced several different aircraft types in various forms, including kit form, partial build and/or ready to fly away.
  • Hornet STOL two-seat light aircraft
  • Hornet AG/ Utility four-seat light aircraft
  • Super Hornet six- or seven-seat STOL aircraft
  • WASP GT two-seat light training aircraft


  • Maintenance service, spare parts, aircraft repair and rebuilt workshop
  • Aircraft parts production facility
  • Aircraft design and development department

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hornet stol landing on farm
hornet stol landing on farm


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