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August 21, 2020


wksp5.jpg (11059 bytes)If you've always dreamed of building your own airplane, or simply want to learn more about all-metal aircraft construction, Zenith Aircraft Company is providing you with the opportunity to learn all about building a Zenith kitplane at one of its factory workshops, where you can actually start building your own airplane. The workshops are coordinated by Zenith Aircraft staff and held right in the factory. Small group sizes make the workshops very productive and educational.

During the educational workshop you can start building your own Zenith kit aircraft (the rudder tail section of either the Zenith CH 650 or STOL series), and learn about:

  • Reading and understanding blue-prints (plans & manuals)
  • Principles of sheet-metal construction
  • The advantages of working with sheet-metal (vs. other materials)
  • Metal aircraft building and assembly techniques and tips
  • Measuring, drilling and riveting (assembling the kit)
  • Tools, workshop and skills required to build your all-metal aircraft
  • Hints and short-cuts in assembling a kit
  • Metal kit aircraft maintenance and corrosion protection
  • The advantages of building, owning and flying a Zenith kit aircraft
  • and much more...

Come prepared to work and experience first-hand how you can build your own kit airplane! You don't need any experience, skills or tools to attend.

WORKSHOP LOCATION: At the Zenith Aircraft factory at Mexico Memorial Airport, Mexico, Missouri (100 miles west of St. Louis). Accommodations available locally. Note: Demo flights can also be scheduled during the workshop.

"As the rudder takes shape, the first-time builders take pride in their new-found skills and begin to feel confident about their ability to complete a kitplane. The initial fears have gone, to be replaced by planning for extra workspace... Workshops are great morale boosters and an excellent way to test the water without making a huge upfront commitment. We highly recommend them."
  • "Testing the Waters: A weekend workshop like Zenith Aircraft's sheetmetal course lets you try before you buy." KITPLANES magazine, September 1993, pages 34 to 39, by LeRoy Cook.
Source: zenithair.com
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Zenith Aircraft STOL CH 701 light sport utility plane 6
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