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May 9, 2020

MCR - 01 Ultralight

Virus SW 80/100 is the only light aircraft that combines pure speed with unprecedented fuel economy. More than 100 units were already sold world-wide, winning the hearts and acclaims of private owners, aviation professionals, training organisations and military instructors alike, just like it won the NASA challenge. Twice! Since the victories at PAV challenge 2007 and NASA GAT centennial challenge 2008, the Virus SW 80/100 has been further refined and optimised for even better performance.

The aircraft can be equipped by either the Rotax 912 UL2 (80 hp) or 912 ULS (100 hp) powerplants and a large variety of avionics options. The new 80 HP Virus SW 80/100 cruises at 246 km/h (133 kts), burning less than 13.6 liters per hour (3.6 gph). At 75% cruise-power-setting the 100 HP version speeds over the skies at 273 km/h (147 kts)! The ASTM-LSA version, equipped with the fixed pitch propeller cruises at 119 kts, burning 14.0 liters per hour (3.7 gph) This really speaks about the performance and economy of the new SW.

Virus SW 80/100 can be called the 300 km/h (160 kts) ultralight/microlight/LSA, but it is much more than that! With a turbulence penetration speed (green arc) of 250 km/h (135 kts) and the VNE of 302 km/h (163 kts), you can take advantage of high-speed cruise even in strong turbulence. The cockpit remains quiet and comfortable throughout the flight! The Virus SW 80/100 has the largest flight safety margins in its category and can be equipped with the total rescue system, deployable even at maximum speeds and close to the terrain.

All engineering work and testing of the 10.71-meter Virus SW 80/100 was carried out at Pipistrel premises in Ajdovščina, Slovenia under supervision of CAA of Republic of Slovenia. This separates Pipistrel from most other producers, because all design, production and testing is directly monitored by the CAA, ensuring accuracy of data. Before its introduction to the market, more than a year of ground structural and vibration tests went by without a glitch, followed by an extensive flight test programme with more than 100 hours cumulative tests.

Now, more than one hundred Virus SW 80/100 aircraft are flying Worldwide, performing flawlessly in the difficult conditions of tropical Thailand, high-elevations of Ecuador and the cold wilderness of Canada as well. The Virus SW 80/100 meets all ASTM-LSA standards and is accepted as an LSA in the United States of America with a fixed pitch propeller and the MTOW of 550 kg (1210 lbs). In Europe (EASA member states) it is possible to register the Virus SW 100 under the EASA-LSA Permit-to-Fly with a MTOW of 600 kg. At 472.5 kg the Virus SW 80/100 also meets all requirements for the microlight/ultralight class in Europe – including the stall speed of 64 km/h (34 kts) thanks to the innovative flaperon system.

The exclusive kevlar-reinforced safety cockpit with luxurious leather interior will keep you both comfortable and safe. You can choose your own color configurations free of charge!

The instrument panel is made of carbon fibre with visible-structure and can accommodate a wide selection of modern avionics, including a full glass-cockpit IFR suite with dual-axis GPS-driven autopilot and electric constant-speed propeller control. The panel can be arranged according to your wishes with assistance of our skilled avionics technicians. The Virus SW 80/100 has a range in excess of 1850 km (1000 nm) and you cantake 40 kg (90 lbs) of luggage with you.

The Virus SW 80/100 is a statement of our long-time philosophy that you can achieve remarkable feats without wasting energy and polluting the environment. Every aircraft is designed, manufactured and perfected in our state-of-the-art, energetically self-sufficient facility at Ajdovscina, Slovenia. Using geothermal and solar energy to power the whole production process, we are able to spare the environment 180.000 kilograms of CO2 emissions every year. By owning the new Virus SW 80/100 you will contribute to a better and cleaner World! Our Ecolution campaign represents Pipistrel's mission to show the World that eco-friendly, high-technology products are in fact possible and available today!

Need more information?
The new Virus SW performance has been confirmed by NASA. You can read all about it here:

Please note that the 2011 version of Virus SW 80/100 is even better than the prototype which competed at the challenges.

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