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January 11, 2017

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In Stock (#55) Northwing Maverick Ultralight
Click on picture for more details. This ultralight (no Sport Pilot Cert required) has been under my supervision for the last 3 years. Always landed on asphalt or grass. The owner is a meticulous fireman & has taken very good care of his little "Firefly".
$10, 000 OBO
Click on picture for more details. Custom Northwing Maverick trike. Off-field landing and XC capability is not easy to find in ultralight trikes but this one was modified to address those demands. Only one owner. Purchased new about 2.5 years ago by doctor & kept in hangar.
$18, 200 OBO
SOLD (#53) DTA 912
Click photo for details & more photos. DTA is the only trike in the world that does not require a front limiter tube so no encumbrances to the view. This DTA is about 5 years old but only has 243 hours total time. It has been professionally maintained.
$44, 000.00 OBO
In Stock: (#52) LaMouette 12.9m XC Wing
Click on Picture for Details & More Pictures. This is an older LaMouette Top 12.9 but seems to be in pretty good shape - otherwise we would have already recycled it. I've flown a Top 12.9 on a Cosmos Bison with a Rotax 503 with a single carburetor. So, I know it's one of the few fast wings that can work with low-horsepower trikes.
, 750.00 In Stock: (#51) Air Creation Tanarg 582 / Ixess
Click the photo for more details & photos. This has been my personal trike for about 3 years. It's in pristine condition. I have sold aircraft based on how clean I keep my equipment, tools and my hangar - OCD for sure... Look at the pictures & try to guess how many hours are on the machine - I will extend a discount if you can guess within 10 hours of the total time.
$29, 500.00 OBO
In Stock: (#50) Northwing Apache 912-S
Click the photo for details & 15 more photos. This a great trike and the price speaks for itself - obviously someone is going to get a great deal. Northwing is a solid utilitarian trike builder, but the owner has just ordered a new Air Creation Tanarg.
, 500.00 In Stock: (#49) Aerotrike Cobra 912-S w/ Airborne Cruze Wing
Click on the picture to open the details & more pictures. This aircraft (N227EG) was originally a custom-build by the Aerotrike factory in South Africa for a client who competed in the world championships. He lost because the wing was so ugly - just kidding.
, 000 OBO
In Stock (#48) Air Creation GTE w/ Northwing M-Pulse 15.0m Wing
The perfect trike/wing combination for the recreational flyer. Fully registered w/ N# (N227EH). All maintenance logs are complete & detailed. Nice trike. Click on the picture for complete details & more photos. I put most of the hours on this aircraft myself.
$17, 000
SOLD: (#47) Northwing Apache Sport 503SCDI
Details & More Photos Coming Soon.
$16, 000 Pending Equipment
SOLD - In Stock (#46) Northwing Apache Sport 912 with only 15 hours total time.
Click on the picture for additional pictures and full details. Using CAD & Kamron's direction, we personally designed & developed the new Sport fairing & composite package for the Apache Sports. We used the same CAD & experience from 2000+ hours of trike flying to assist Northwing with the development of the 912 version of the Apache Sport last winter.
$41K or Make Fair Offer
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Beaver SS ultralight aircraft- Part 1


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