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Taildragger Aircraft For sale - Sport Planes

Taildragger Aircraft For sale

August 29, 2020

This beautiful airplane is a

- Aerotrek light sport aircraft - S-LSA - factory built and ready-to-fly!

The Aerotrek A220 taildragger is ideal for recreational flying while also being a good touring aircraft within the LSA category - with a range of 600+ miles, a cruise speed 120+ mph, and a climb rate of over 1, 100 fpm. The cockpit has side-by-side seating, dual stick controls and is 44.1" wide. One of the most distinctive features of our aircraft is that the wings can be folded for storage or transport by just one person in only 10 minutes.

The Aerotrek A220 taildragger features a composite main landing gear and has wide-spaced main wheels to aid with cross-wind landings and takeoffs, as well as resulting in superior ground handling. As taildraggers go, the forward visibility is very good and with the Aerotrek A220 having clear polycarbonate doors the visibility out the side of the aircraft is exceptional.

The Aerotrek A220 taildragger now features the premium Beringer dual toe brake system and is available with several tire options...
• standard-size rib tires (15x6x6) with wheel pants
• Carlisle tundra tires (18x8x6)
• Aero Classic tundra tires (21x8.00x6)
• Airstreak 26" tundra tires (26x12x6)
aircraft radios and transponders, ATR500, ATR833, TRT800H

taildragger photos . . .

A220 photos from Alaska . . .

our taildraggers are available with several tire options, including our standard-size tires with wheel pants . . .

our taildraggers are available with standard, regular tundra tires, and 21" tundra tires . . .

our taildraggers are now also available with the 26" AirStreak tundra tires . . .

our taildraggers are now also available with wheel-penetration skis . . .

our taildraggers are standard with dual toe brakes, parking brake, and dual-piston brake calipers . . .

photos courtesy EAA photographers . . .

A220 with special Ferrari-red/golden-yellow/black paint scheme, and 21" AeroClassic tundra tires . . .

A220 women pilots in Alaska, Canada and California . . .

Aerotrek A220 taildragger pricing . . . please go to our Pricing & Options web page

Aerotrek Aircraft is a member of
the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association

for more information, please contact . . .

Aerotrek™ Aircraft
Rollison Light Sport Aircraft, Inc.
Bloomfield, Indiana
additional sales/service centers:
western-USA sales/service center: San Francisco, California
Alaska sales center: Palmer, Alaska
eastern-Canada sales center: Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
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Taildraggers - light sport aircraft taildraggers.
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