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September 15, 2016

Light Elsa: Solaria by

SnowGlowElsaDisney’s Frozen, which was released almost a full year ago in theaters, is the company’s biggest property—no surprise to anyone that’s been to any store at all since last November. Even throughout the summer, the toy shelves were stocked (or tried their very best to be, as product is flying off the shelves faster than you can ask someone if they’d like to build a snowman) with snowflake-covered products featuring Anna, Elsa, and, of course, the loveable Olaf.

Well, that will not change as we move into the holiday season. One of the most adorable of these products is the Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa singing toddler doll, from Jakks Pacific.

Perfect for little royals ages 3 and up, this doll brings all the blizzardy magic of Frozen to life. When kids press Elsa’s snowflake necklace, she speaks 15 phrases from favorite scenes in the film while her dress lights up. It gets even better—when you lift up Elsa’s arms, she belts out the popular “Let It Go” as both her dress and her necklace light up. And best of all—Snow Glow Elsa comes with her pal Olaf, the loveable and optimistic snowman who joins Anna and Kristoff’s journey to find Elsa and free Arendelle from an eternal winter.

And with Frozen being the global phenomenon that it is, these dolls are available worldwide, speaking 25 different languages around the globe. (The one available in the U.S. speaks English and Spanish, while the one in Canada speaks English and French.) Each doll around the world is voiced by the actual talent from that country’s version of the film—meaning that the voice you hear belting out “Let It Go” in the States belongs to the talented Idina Menzel. This is especially cool, as it makes it feel a little more like the characters from the screen are actually jumping out to the real world.

Jakks’ toddler dolls now also feature Royal Reflection eyes, giving the dolls a great new look with a bit more depth. In fact, the entire doll is beautiful, from her detailed dress to Elsa’s long signature braid of blonde hair accented with a sparkly blue crown. This toddler version of Elsa is absolutely adorable and a great gift for your own little snow queen.

Source: www.thetoyinsider.com
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