Sebring LSA Expo

July 31, 2021

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The Merlin PSA at Sebring ExpoThe Merlin PSA and her all new 800 amphibious floats will be officially introduced at the US Sport Aviation show at Sebring beginning 20 January.

New to U.S. — The Merlin PSA, an affordable high-performance single-seat Personal Sport Aircraft. Imagine an all-aluminum aircraft with a cantilevered wing, 120 mph cruise speed, plenty of cabin and luggage space, all for under $35, 000! And this includes the builders’ assistance program in sunny Florida.

The Merlin PSA is available now as a quick-build E-AB (Experimental Amateur-Built, “51% Rule”) aircraft. It is a modern design, created on 3D CAD/CAM equipment, resulting in easy-to-build matched-hole assemblies that require no fixtures, so build time is measured in days rather than months or years. Builders can enjoy a couple of weeks at the Builders’ Center in Florida and fly their new Merlin PSA. Not “taxi.” Fly.

The Merlin PSA fits inside the LSA weight and performance box, so it can be flown with only a “Sport Pilot” license; there is no FAA medical required to pilot the Merlin as an LSA.

And not “coming soon, ” but available now: matching amphibious floats for under $10k, so you can own a nice looking and very nice-performing amphibious Personal Sport Aircraft for under $50k!

  • Fast (120 mph cruise), sleek, and affordable Personal Sport Aircraft.
  • It’s $100, 000 less expensive than most Light Sport Aircraft.
  • More shoulder room than the pilot gets in a Beechcraft King Air 200.
  • All-aluminum construction, clean cantilevered wing.
  • Amphibious floats available now! Other options include glass panel, autopilot, BRS rescue system.

The Merlin PSA was first introduced at the AERO 2009 show in Germany. Sales are now escalating with deregulation in the UK and with the budget-challenging prices of 2-seat LSA in the USA. This is the right time to introduce this machine to the States.

Both tailwheel and tricycle-gear configuration are available. Plus 3 choices of power: The 2-stroke Rotax is available now and a 4-stroke aircraft engine coming in January plus a full electric Merlin is in the latter stages of development.

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U.S. Sport Aviation Expo at Sebring F.L.
U.S. Sport Aviation Expo at Sebring F.L.
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