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March 16, 2017

Jon also told me that Lycoming

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to favorites list SPLOG Pre-Sebring 2013 LSA News Wrap,
SPLOG begins: Patty Wagstaff and LSA? This week brings the start of the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo and excitement is high. Following are some news items to those who follow this event and the light, recreational aircraft space. On Friday, January 18th, Sebring Phototo favorites list SPLOG Going Off to the Air Races, LSA-Style,
SPLOG begins: At first, it all seemed rather unlikely to me. I refer to the concept of racing LSA. On the one hand you have a giant company with a global presence putting on the Red Bull Air Races . What a way to sell a caffeinated beverage. It works. It's very showy. SPLOG Belgium D-Motor Declares ASTM Compliance,
SPLOG begins: In the world of FAA-accepted Light-Sport Aircraft, engines choices have been limited to Rotax, Jabiru, and HKS adding to updated versions from certified engine producers such as Continental and Lycoming plus the big Titan engine from ECi.Photo Now, according SPLOG Renegade Moves Closer to an American Falcon,
SPLOG begins: For 18 months, we haven't seen much of a sleek low-wing airplane called the Falcon LS. Even its name was challenged by French bizjet maker, Dassault Falcon, because ... well, you know, someone might be confused. However, Renegade Light Sport Aircraft SPLOG Pilots, Start Your (LSA) Engines!,
SPLOG begins: In aviation, one of our most noteworthy events is the Reno Air Races. Sadly, that longtime and much storied race series has an uncertain future due to leadership challenges and rising costs. While those organizers sort that out, here comes busy LSA entrepreneur SPLOG Post-Oshkosh 2013 Quick Review,
SPLOG begins: At the big show EAA likes to call the Summer Celebration of Flight, we rove the grounds seeking new airplanes, new engines or propulsion systems, new panel gear, updated models and more. In this very fast tour, we'll zoom around AirVenture for a glance
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