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September 9, 2017

Experience the thrill of

Designed and produced by Milan Bristela the original designer of the Piper Sport. TruTrak EFIS, Autopilot, G796, & IPAD.
  • Imported by highly respected John Calla and Barry Pruitt who have many years experience maintaining and operating various LSA aircraft with Rotax engines.
  • Distributed by Lou Mancuso (6000 hr CFI) and US Air Force F-16 and C130 Jet Pilot John Rathmell who have many years experience operating, delivering, and speaking about various LSA aircraft. Lou’s FBO has been in business for 65 years. The Mancuso Group will finance your Bristell.
  • Milan Bristela’s just in time manufacturing process assures low cost production and Mr. Bristela is on the factory floor every day. Mr. Bristela was the primary designer of the Piper Sport and the Bristell.
  • The Bristell is mechanic and flight school owner friendly. Lower maintenance costs due to:
    • Stainless steel firewall plus engine set forward to allow easy A&P access.
    • US made tires and tubes allow any maintenance shop to change a tire.
    • All USA AN hardware, readily available from any US aviation parts distributor.
    • Empenage access panels allow easy access to elevator trim servos.
    • The Bristell’s engine thermostat assures even engine temperatures.
    • The choice of TruTrak EFIS & Autopilot and G796 assures dependability.
    • Water tight wing lockers keep the wing dry and prevent water corrosion.
    • Empty Weight 750 pounds…100 pounds less than the Piper Sport or the Skycatcher. The low empty weight also results in better climb performance and allows student training at power settings that result in a fuel burn of 2.8 gallons per hour.


    The canopy composite sun shade provides rollover protection. Wings attach outboard of the step area with large bolts.
    • Cabin width of 51 inches and adjustable rudder pedals yield extreme cabin comfort. If you are 6” 8” and weigh 270 pounds….the Bristell is the only LSA you should consider.
    • Warm cabin heat with canopy demister (defroster) is standard and is an important feature.
    • The canopy design, with the composite sun shade area on the top, provides extra rollover protection and helps keep the cabin cool on a hot day.
    • Push rod controls are encased in a protective canvas to prevent any accidental jamming of flight controls by small objects and also a must have for safety reasons.
    • The Bristell main spar extends beyond the wing step area for added strength.
    Comfortable bucket seats with four point harness. The rudder pedals move forward and back 6 inches. The three bladed prop has great ground clearance.

    Behind the seats are enclosed allowing cushions to be placed behind the seat, so short pilots can enjoy the bucket seat contour against his or her back and great visibility over the nose. The enclosed area behind the seats is an enhanced safety feature.

    • 34 gallon tanks can provide over eight hours of endurance. Flight schools will not experience down time waiting for a lineman to refuel the Bristell.
    • The Bristell’s nose wheel is designed to withstand abuse incurred during student training.
    • The Bristell has convenient student friendly nose wheel steering and 6 inch adjustable rudder pedals.
    • The Bristell has a three bladed ground adjustable propeller that has 14 inches of prop clearance vs 6 inches for other single propeller LSA’s with continental engines.
    • The 121 SF wing yields a 32 knot stall speed for good control in crosswinds and efficient cruise speeds. The clean stall speed is 39 knots which allows safe taxi on a windy day.
    • Wing attached bolts are oversized for added strength and durability.
    LED low draw landing lights in each wing. TruTrak EFIS SG AP, SL40, GTX 327, G796, Apple IPAD.
    • Dual wing landing lights makes the Bristell highly visible.
    • The separate on/off switches for the electric starting packs result in the need for only one canopy key…a convenience feature, especially for flight schools.
    • The panel mounted Apple IPOD is cocked towards the pilot for easy viewing. Attach a Elf GPS antenna and a Foreflight subscription and you have the latest technology for very low cost.
    • The choice of the dependable TruTrak EFIS allows the new owner of a Bristell to add an Altitude holding Autopilot for as little as $3000 installed. The TruTrak autopilot was chosen for the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer and the new Cessna Skycatcher.
    • The Garmin 796 placed in the center stack has the latest synthetic vision and the oversized screen allows easy viewing of traffic when the optional traffic display is added.
    • If you would like to practice ILS approaches, just add a Garmin SL30 Nav Com to your Bristell Clipper SG AP. The TruTrak EFIS will now display the GPS in pink and the ILS and Nav as a green line on the slaved H.S.I. display. You will also be able to talk to FSS on 122.1 and listen on the nearest VOR for updated weather information.

    I hope you have found this information to be helpful and if you decide to purchase a Bristell or a share in a Bristell, you will have made a fine decision.


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