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October 24, 2018

Introducing “Build Your Own

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING! - We ship many of our products overseas, however, our online shopping cart cannot process international orders. To place an order from outside the USA, just email us a list of the items, quantity, and your shipping address. We will reply with an invoice that you can pay online.
STIRLING HEAT ENGINE - Check out our new Stirling Heat Engine - it now includes a small DC electrical generator. These amazing engines will run off of any heat source - combustion, solar, nuclear, etc. Great for demonstration of thermodynamic principals. See our Stirling Engines section.
PRECISION RADIOMETERS - Have a look at our new Radiometer Section - we now carry Precision Radiometers, as well as a triple version, handmade in Germany. See them in the Radiometers section.
CRYSTAL RADIO KITS & PARTS - You won't find a better looking, more complete Crystal Radio kit. Crystal Radios receive AM radio without any power source. Easy & fun to build. Also available are various components to build your own from scratch. See our Crystal Radio section.
SPINTHARISCOPES! - See actual atoms splitting! The World's only nuclear powered toys, our Nuclear Spinthariscope and our Super Spinthariscope are modern versions of a fascinating device that allows you to see the result of nuclear interactions in real time. Have a look at our Spinthariscope page for more info.
UltraGlow PAINT - Looking for a high performance glow-in-the-Dark paint for a special project? Check out our new Glow Paint Smackdown video comparing ordinary glow paint to ours. To check out our glow paint page & video: Click Here
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Airfix Jet Engine Kit
Airfix Jet Engine Kit
Smithsonian jet engine
Smithsonian jet engine
Airfix Jet Engine
Airfix Jet Engine


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