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October 11, 2021

Kitfox LSA: New Wing & New

A Kitfox is now available for flight training and rental

The first to offer a Kitfox to the public for their flight training needs and recreational rental

So, are YOU interested in...

  • Training for a Tail-wheel Endorsement?
  • A Sport Pilot License?
  • Gaining or expanding your Mountain-Flying Proficiency?
  • Looking to rent a tail-wheel aircraft to explore and camp, on your own, to Idaho's vast network of Backcountry airstrips?
  • Or maybe just wanting to get some Kitfox type-specific training prior to buying, building, or flying your new Kitfox?

Well now you can – and all in one convenient location.

Kitfox Aircraft is pleased to announce and endorse a relationship with Stick and Rudder Aviation, a Boise Idaho based Kitfox-specific flight school. Paul Leadabrand, the school owner, is an experienced 13, 000-hour backcountry charter pilot, corporate jet instructor pilot, and flight instructor. The school uniquely offers Kitfox-specific flight training in a brand new Kitfox "Super Sport" S-LSA.

Stick and Rudder's flight training programs are innovative, fun, and a notch above the standard flight school approach of “round and round the pattern”. Paul will not only explore with you the beauty of flying-over Idaho's canyon deserts and forested mountains, but also the performance of the aircraft in and out of short, one-way, dirt airstrips.

Stick and Rudder is also unique, in the fact, that they offer the tail-wheel configured Kitfox for rent to their clients, on-their-own, who complete at least one of the training programs offered (10 hours minimum).

Paul offered these thoughts when asked why Kitfox, why a Tail-wheel and why a glass display ?

  • Because I believe students develop better well-rounded aviator skills learning in a tail-wheel aircraft. They learn to manage all axis of the aircraft, rather than relying on the brakes and nose wheel to assist holding the aircraft in a straight line.
  • In combination with the accelerated training program we will concurrently issue a tail-wheel endorsement (value-added).
  • We live in a beautiful state - like Alaska, one which still has vast areas that can only be accessed by air - has the most remote (un-paved) airstrips in the lower 48 states - and is ideal for the performance of the Kitfox. Therefore why not enjoy it while offering some back country proficiency flight training, rather than flying around a flat unremarkable training area.
  • I wanted a clean, uncluttered cockpit with the newest GPS navigation & mapping technology - so we installed a 10" Dynon "SkyView" display to give the student large, easy-to-read moving map, terrain, flight instrument, and engine monitoring at their finger tips.
  • The aircraft can be used to train on to Private Pilot certification too.
  • The Kitfox has the styling, reputation, reliability, and performance needed to be marketable to my post-training rental pilots.

Paul recognized the perfect safety record of all Kitfox aircraft, produced right here in the Treasure Valley (currently Homedale, Idaho) since 1984. In his opinion, the quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and the reliability of design exceed the standards of the other S-LSA's in the marketplace (The multi-nation European Union is the source of more than 60 percent of all LSA's sold in the United States – AOPA Online: April 12, 2010). The convenience and support of living close to the Aircraft Manufacturer (with an open-door policy), and their referrals, will lend to his success. The Kitfox S-LSA is designed with the performance and handling required, and proven, in our Idaho Backcountry.

Paul's business model - to be the first on the block to offer a "Kitfox" S-LSA for public flight training - in an accelerated Sport Pilot program - not to mention a tail-dragger, and the performance to operate in the high mountain back-country of Idaho. To market to those individuals who have recognized the reputation, quality, and safety of the Kitfox, and just can't wait to fly one. Those that are considering building a kit - who may have already purchased a kit or are patiently waiting on the next Kitfox S-LSA to be produced.

This Kitfox S-LSA “Super Sport” was completed in late April 2010 – and immediately Paul flew off offering flight training based out of Boise. He had students lined up around-the-US (and out-of-country) to fly the Kitfox. To prove the reliability - his Kitfox is operating over 80 hours/month - exceeding 1000 hours and over 3000 landings. From the smiles on their faces as he brings the students by for a factory tour – and their positive satisfied feedback – Paul is offering the professional quality instruction to match the quality of the product.

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