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October 31, 2016

EAA Sport Aviation Sep 08

EAA Sport Aviation Magazine is now better than ever.
More feature stories, more photos, more how-to, hands-on, build-it-yourself content, more about flying, and so much more!

The issue is currently ready for purchase for only $4.95.or get a full 12-month subscription for only $45.00!

Features in the February issue include:

  • Crisscross Cub
    Honoring an aerobatic legend
    By Jim Busha
  • Lifelong Aviation Dream Come True
    A ride on Wingfoot One 47 years in the making
    By Hal Bryan
  • Car Surfing With a Cub
    Alabama Boys add their own spin to a classic air show trick
    By Pete Muntean
  • The Starduster Too of Dreams
    An all-American aviation story
    By Moose Peterson

Todd Crist lovingly restored famed air show pilot Harold Krier’s classic Clipped Wing Cub.
Photo by Jim Busha

In each issue you will also find:

  • Hands On- What our Members are Building & Restoring, Hints for Homebuilders and more.
  • News & Information- What's new, and what you need to know!
  • Commentary from EAA experts, fellow members, and leaders in the aviation community.
  • Better Pilot- helpful articles to improve your skills no matter your experience level.
  • Member Central- benefit updates, news from EAA Advocacy, event announcements, and more.
Source: www.aircraftspruce.com
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