October 16, 2020


vh-ezt-university-flying-club-jandakot-glass-cockpit-dynon-garminThe University Flying Club (UFC) purchased a brand new CSA PiperSport light sports aircraft which arrived at Jandakot in April 2011.

The University Flying Club is one of Western Australia’s oldest Flying Clubs and one of the first to enter the rapidly growing LSA (Light Sports Aircraft) market. LSA offers affordable flying rates in modern aircraft.


  • Model: CSA PiperSport, manufacture date January 2011
  • Manufacturer: Czech Sports Aircraft
  • Use: Ab initio flight training, GFPT, PPL and Private Flying travel and recreational use.
  • Features:
    VH Registered Full glass cockpit, Large Screen Garmin 695 colour moving-map GPS, Two axis electric trims on dual control sticks, Leather interior, Access via rear opening glass canopy for excellent all-round vision. Go-Pro camera mount inside the aircraft.
  • Airframe: Full metal with 3 blade composite Sensenich prop
  • Speed: 115 knots at 85% power
  • Max crew weight: 115kg/person
  • Max baggage: 58 kg
  • Cost: Refer to the hire rates
  • Location: Jandakot Airport (YPJT), Perth, Western Australia


  • Aerobatics NOT permitted
  • Weight: 115 kg (253lb) per passenger

Getting Checked Out to Fly EZT

We recommend that if you are looking to be checked out to fly EZT and you already hold a PPL that you should complete the following CASA questionnaire using the POH and documents provided above. This will equip you with the knowledge you require to complete the checkout process with an instructor and will also greatly enhance your understanding and safe use of the aircraft.

For students filling out the questionnaire is also a valuable learning tool as it will help you structure your reading of the various manuals and ensure you take away the key knowledge areas.

Source: uniflying.org.au
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PiperSport (SportCruiser) test flight
PiperSport (SportCruiser) test flight
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