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March 6, 2017

Sadler Vampire

The goal of the LSA’s partnership with the Wiki Education Foundation to improve the quality of information about linguistics found on Wikipedia. The partnership will involve two components:1) Classroom Resources to assist linguistics faculty in engaging students in teaching and learning through editing relevant articles, or developing new articles on Wikipedia.

2) Sponsoring Visiting Scholars to use your university’s digital linguistic resources to write high-quality Wikipedia articles. Visiting Scholars use their linguistic experience to determine which articles to edit or create based upon the resources you provide.

Wikipedia’s coverage of linguistic topics is ripe for improvement. Currently, only 12 of the 4, 668 highest-quality articles on the English Wikipedia relate to language or linguistics. Many linguists, theorists and theories simply aren’t represented on Wikipedia. Likewise, most dialects and languages have articles that could be improved by applying linguistic expertise. Wiki Ed programs can help LSA members and linguists contribute to Wikipedia in two ways: first, by supporting linguistics faculty as they assign students to edit Wikipedia; second, by helping linguistic departments sponsor Visiting Scholars. The partnership builds on activities held at recent LSA events, and planned for future meetings as well.

The Wikipedia Edit-a-thon at the LSA 2016 Annual Meeting, scheduled for Friday, January 8, from 2-5 pm is a great chance to become more familiar with the basics of editing linguistics-related Wikipedia articles. This event is facilitated by Gretchen McCulloch, who also organized Wikipedia edit-a-thons at the 2015 Annual Meeting and the 2015 Linguistic Institute. You can also join in online using the how-to-edit slides resource and #lingwiki on Twitter.

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