Light Sport Aircraft with folding wings

January 23, 2017

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Panther Right Side ViewPanther Sport Aircraft Specs

The Panther is a versatile, mid-sized, single seat low wing Sport or LSA aerobatic airplane with quick fold wings.

Panther LSA Specs

Wing Span

23.5 ft

Wing Area

93 sqft

Empty Weight

650-750 lbs

Gross Weights

1115 lbs


21 - 27 gal in wings


80-120 HP. Corvair, Continental, Jabiru, UL

Top Speed

140-180 mph


200 mph

Aerobatic Capacity

+6/-4.4 G

Panther Sport Specs

21.5 ft

85 sqft

650-850 lbs

1150 lbs

27 gal in wings

100-120 HP. Corvair, Lycoming, Jabiru, UL

160-200 mph

220 mph

Common Features

  • Quick (2 min or less) easy single person wing fold, no controls to disconnect.Common features
  • fit in 18ftx7x7 space (trailer ) when folded
  • large cockpit with adjustable rudder pedals and seat back, room for big guys and a parachute!
  • forward (2cu ft)and rear baggage area
  • pilot rollover protection
  • ballistic chute capable
  • bubble canopy replaceable by small windshield and skirt for open cockpit flying
  • excellent visibility

Flying design goals

  • easy to fly with low stall/landing speed
  • long stick and travel for light control feel without being “twitchy”
  • positively stable in all axis
  • excellent off runway and climb performance
  • fun and sporty to fly with great performance and wide speed range!


  • 6061 aluminum / flush blind rivets (solid optional)
  • 4130 steel tube construction from seat back to firewall. All critical attachment points like landing gear, wing pin, engine mount, 5 point harness, ballistic chute, rollover bar, control hard points etc. will be welded in a fixture . This allows quick accurate construction of all critical points. Offers safety in a crash. Skinned in AL
  • quick easy to build tail cone rivets/bolts on to the forward fuselage
  • simple control surface design
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