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January 7, 2022

FA 04 Peregrine light sport

- Aerotrek light sport aircraft - S-LSA - factory built and ready-to-fly!

Aerotrek S-LSA - Light Sport Aircraft - for the best price and value among S-LSA aircraft!

LSA not 100K

There are many different S-LSA aircraft available in the U.S. - and most of these aircraft are priced at $100, 000.00 or even much higher. However, it really isn't necessary to pay $100K and above for a great S-LSA aircraft!

Our Aerotrek S-LSA aircraft are fine Light Sport Aircraft with relatively reasonable pricing. Our factory-built planes are priced at $88, 950.00 - very well-equipped with the Rotax 100-hp engine and a deluxe instrument panel that includes radio, intercom, and transponder-encoder.
(for details, go to our pricing & options web page)

Our aircraft are sold distributor-direct to you without being overpriced - and provide the best value among S-LSA aircraft!

Our Aerotrek aircraft are available either as taildraggers or with tricycle-gear. Our aircraft have side-by-side seating, modern performance, excellent features and the highest quality - and are especially distinctive for having one-person quick-folding wings.

Aerotrek A240

A220 taildragger
A240 tricycle-gear

Aerotrek A220

And... there are other savings with our Aerotrek aircraft! Our aircraft are very fuel thrifty and typically burn less then 4 gph of auto fuel - fly more "green" and protect yourself from higher and higher fuel prices with Aerotrek! And with our one-person quick-folding wings our planes are readily trailerable and this can allow the owner to avoid expensive hangar fees.

for more information, please contact . . .

Aerotrek™ Aircraft
Rollison Light Sport Aircraft, Inc.
Bloomfield, Indiana
additional sales/service centers:
western-USA sales/service center: San Francisco, California
Alaska sales center: Palmer, Alaska
eastern-Canada sales center: Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
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