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July 9, 2017

2014 – Aircraft Awards

North Wing Design · Mustang 3 Light Sport Aircraft WingFly the Mustang 3 Wing on any brand of light sport aircraft with the new

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View a Light Sport Trike Wing going through extensive strength and airworthiness testing · Light Sport Wing Testing

The Mustang 3 strutted wing is a "State of the Art" topless (no king post) light sport aircraft wing, designed with side struts that take the place of the upper cable rigging. Pitch stability of the wing is achieved by a sprog and washout strut at the wing tip area. The side struts take the place of the "reflex bridles" used in the old style wings, reducing drag and increasing wing performance. Because of the reduction in drag, handling all around has been pleasantly improved both in pitch pressures and roll rate. From the 15 to the 19, the new Mustang 3 is a joy to fly!

The beautiful Strutted Mustang 3 Series is designed for two place Light Sport Aircraft.
We also manufacture a line of single place wings. Some of the criteria for this terrific design were the ability to instruct, tow Hang Gliders, fly off of water and just all around fun sport flying. All this is possible because of its unmatched low speed handling!

Mustang 3 Series Speed RangeThe strutted Mustang 3 is a highly refined wing capable of a extremely wide, 30 mph speed range. Not only that! One of the most impressive achievements in the Mustang 3 Series is their terrific light handling qualities, in both pitch and roll axis, making the Mustang 3 the easiest wing to fly on the market. With one hand, you can fly your Mustang 3 with confidence. And the take-off distance... WOW! This can be as little as 85 feet (Mustang 3 17m) in no wind. The easy to use, efficiently designed hardware makes setting up your Mustang 3 a simple and enjoyable 15 minutes.

NOTE: The speeds noted in the chart below are associated with the Sport X2 · Navajo 2-place, (open seats) light sport aircraft powered by a Rotax 582 engine, with one occupant. Please be aware that other engines and additional wing loading (passenger or other weight), will cause these speeds to change.

15M wing 17M wing 19M wing
Wing Weight 115 lbs. 124 lbs. 127 lbs.
Gross Weight 1060 lbs.
Wing Area 160 sq. ft. 187 sq. ft. 206 sq. ft.
Wing Span 31.5 feet 33.9 feet
Aspect Ratio 6.2 : 1 6.1 : 1 5.8 : 1
Double Surface 35 %
Air Frame 6061/7075
Sail Fabric 8 oz. Dacron
Ribs 16 18

Fly the Mustang 3 Wing on any brand of trike!

The new Pivot/Hang Block adapts the Mustang 3 Wing to attach to your Airborne, AirCréation, or any other brand of trike.

Upgrade your Round Uprights to drag-reducing Aerofoil Uprights

Aerofoil Control Bar Uprights

Reduce drag and improve fuel economy with our Aerofoil Control Bar Uprights. The streamlined shape looks great and improves your wing's performance.

Order Code: UPG46TK

Powder-Coat custom color for Control Bar & Struts

Customize your new wing with a custom color applied with our Powder Coat paint process.
Your wing will look great and also benefit from the powder-coat's corrosion barrier seal.

Order Code: UPG42

Trike Wing Cover

Protect your trike wing from snow, rain, dust and especially UV when it is set-up with the North Wing Wing Cover.

Order Code: HAC14
(please specify wing name)

Mustang Wing is great for trikes on floats

Claude Lapointe writes:

"Hi Kamron, After four flights, the wing is back 2" and I put the new wires on. Friday was the first takeoff, no wind with this craft. No problem in 300', got it now at this setting to work at 42 mph. neutral. Wing is a joy to put together and fly. Very good quality throughout.

North Wing · Aerofoil Control Bar Uprights North Wing · Powder-Coat custom color for Trike Wing Control Bar and Struts
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