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October 7, 2017

ELE-RC Miss New Orleans

How to Make a Lego SeaplaneDesigned to take off and land in water, seaplanes gently levitate above water so they can take off from small islands or other areas without runways but near water. If you love these amazing inventions, you can easily make your own model seaplane using Lego bricks.

Buy a Lego Seaplane Building Kit

To build a Lego seaplane, you have two options. You can build your seaplane using an official Lego building kit, or you can use loose Lego bricks to make your own design. If you choose the first option, you simply order a kit, and it comes with all of the Lego bricks you need as well as instructions on how to put them all together.
For a bit of variety, check out the Lego Creator series. This popular series contains bricks that can be crafted into several different designs. For example, with one Creator kit, you can make a seaplane, but once you dismantle it, you can use the same bricks to build two different types of hovercrafts.

Design Your Seaplane, and Build the Base

Alternatively, if you decide to create your own seaplane design, you can build it using whatever loose Lego bricks you can find. Essentially, a seaplane looks like a regular plane, but it features two skids along the bottom so that it can levitate above the water.
You can build the base of your seaplane using skids designed for a Lego helicopter, or you can simply use long, flat Lego pieces to make that part of your seaplane. The bottom of your seaplane should look like a watercraft. You can even use the same rounded pieces you use to make Lego boats.

Add Wings and a Fuselage

The top of your Lego seaplane should look like a regular plane. You can use rectangular pieces or single 1x1 Lego bricks to build the sides of your fuselage, but to create the wings of your Lego seaplane, you may need special pieces.
Commonly found in kits to make airplanes, seaplanes, and space vehicles, Lego wings are custom pieces. These pieces are often slanted and slightly triangular in shape, and in most cases, each wing is the symmetrical opposite of its pair.

Add the Finishing Touches

Once you have the basic outline of your seaplane, it is time to add fun finishing touches. You can add propellers, steering wheels, windshields, and other fun elements. You can even buy decorative stickers to add to your seaplane.

Create a Scene for Your Seaplane

When you are finally done designing and building your seaplane, build a fun scene for it. If you have a Lego baseplate, you can use flat Lego bricks to turn these plain green pieces into waterways and shorelines.
Alternatively, you can build other vehicles to complement your seaplane. For example, you can surround it with fishing boats, repair trucks, or other vehicles. You can also use Lego figurines to make a display of people waiting to get into the seaplane or watching it take off.

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