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November 23, 2022

Rob Sherman Airplanes

We finally had the chance to document some basic performance numbers of our new with the . Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day so Zenith demo pilot Roger and I took the CH 650 up for a few flights. Our new demo airplane is equipped with dual Dynon SkyView glass panel displays so I took my video camera to document the flights. Below are various screen shots (we'll edit the video together when we get the chance).

The CH 650 at Mexico Memorial Airport (KMYJ): Elevation 822 feet, Temperature: About 10-deg. C (~50 deg. F.)

Take-off distance is surprisingly short at 300 - 400 feet with the wheels lifting off at about 45 mph. The UL350iS engine is equipped with a ground-adjustable 65-inch Whirl Wind propeller.

Here we climb at about 1, 000 fpm with an airspeed in the low nineties, which is a comfortable climb speed with good over-the-nose forward visibility (a steeper climb angle yields about 1, 200 fpm climb rate).

Here we level for cruise at 2, 100-ft ASL, indicating 138 mph. Notice the TAS and GS below the airspeed "dial" on the left. Below is the 7-inch Dynon SkyView display (in front of the right seat):

Cruising at 136 mph in a slight left bank. Here's a near full panel view:

We then continued to climb to 5, 000 ft.

Notice that even in the direct sun the SkyView screens are bright.

Here we demonstrate some slow flight. With flaps and 2, 000 rpm, we maintain altitude at just 44 mph indicated airspeed (though notice the nose up attitude). Slow flight handling is nice, and stalls are very predictable.
With the UL350iS engine's FADEC system there in no carburetor heat or mixture control!

With some flaps, approach speed is about 60 mph with excellent forward visibility. Ground roll is barely longer than take-off at a few hundred feet.

Source: www.zenith.aero
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