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July 1, 2016

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The next step is the bending and shaping of the parts on our computerized 220 ton, 8 axis hydraulic press. Every single part, whether it be rib, spar, skin, bulkhead, or stiffener, is pre-punched, pre-cut and pre-bent using our state of the art equipment.

It is important to note that right from the start, the conception and creation of the TUNDRA kitplane was guided by the goals of instilling three qualities in the product: ruggedness, ease of assembly and durability.

These same objectives also convinced DreamAircraft to insist on the use of the same type of solid rivets that are used by certified airplane manufacturers such as Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft and others. In addition, many problem areas identified on other experimental airplanes were re-enforced and the use of steel parts was also included to ensure the ruggedness and strength of all critical areas.

For all these reasons, the TUNDRA is considered to be one of the best kit planes in its' category with an impressive quality to price ratio. As a matter of fact, Dream Aircraft's TUNDRA received a prestigious award from Kitplanes magazine. The winner is voted by Kitplanes subscribers who answer the question: «Which new airplane kit from the following list would you like to own or build»? The Kitplanes magazine subscribers choose the TUNDRA in the «Best kitplane for 2004» in the new kit plane category.


At DreamAircraft, customer support is a priority and no effort is spared in facilitating the TUNDRA assembly process. Color-coded and highly detailed 3D technical drawings are supplied with the aircraft kit, as well as an extensive and detailed assembly manual that shows you step by step «how to build an airplane kit». Finally, a Builder Assist Program is available to customers who prefer to assemble their TUNDRA with help and supervision from our aircraft technicians.

You will find a lot of information on DreamAircraft and on the TUNDRA on this website. If any of your questions remain unanswered or if you would like to arrange a visit and a demo flight, do not hesitate to

We hope that you will enjoy your visit on this website and we hope that you too will choose the TUNDRA...

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